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Why Buy Handmade?

Learn About Sourcing

Nobody bonds over having the same engagement ring...

You're unique. Each and every gem is unique (even factory-cut lab-created stones). So why wear the same mass-produced jewelry as hundreds or thousands of other people?

You want a bespoke, tailored experience

You need to work with a knowledgable jeweler you can trust to help guide you through the important process of designing your jewelry, and you need a masterful craftperson to fabricate a piece that not only lives up to your expectations, but also lasts a lifetime.

You are supporting a local practitioner of an ancient craft

The art of metalsmithing dates back to ancient times, before multinational corporations and mass production. Handmade jewelry preserves that noble tradition, and keeps money circulating with individuals in the community, not faceless corporations.

Know exactly where your jewelry came from

Mainstream factory jewelers have a dizzying supply chain that leaves lots of room for materials of dubious origins to creep in, and there's very little that can be done to audit that. By working with the artisan responsible for sourcing and fabricating your jewelry, you can be sure to know as much as possible about where your materials came from.


From My Happy Customers

Working with Kevin to design my engagement ring was a delight. He was very educational and I never felt like he was pushing me towards a higher ticket-price. By the way, she said yes!

Michael S, Golden, CO

I love exploring the singularities collection. Everybody compliments the cocktail ring I got here.

Sarah B., Pittsburgh, PA

Custom Commissions

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Work with me to craft a perfect piece, just for you.

Navigating the complex world of jewelry for important pieces like engagement rings can be a dizzying endeavor for somebody who's never done it before. I can help guide you through the process of choosing metals, settings, gems, and finishes, and I can fabricate a piece that fits exactly what you're looking for.