Diamond Haul - 9/11/17

A few months ago, I purchased a diamond to use in an engagement ring. Without getting into too many details, that became unnecessary.

The diamond I purchased was a lovely, nearly flawless, sherry-colored diamond. It was a great diamond, but unfortunately, I began to consider it cursed.

John Betts was understanding, and allowed me to exchange it for 3 others. These 3 are a real find, so I just wanted to share it with the world in anticipation of what's to come!

1.94 Ct. Elongated Yellow-Gray, from Damtschaa Mine in Orapa, Botswana

This one is relatively flat, so it won't be too tall in a ring setting. The shape is a little unusual, and it is quite sparkly and transparent in sunlight, so it'll certainly turn out to be a show-stopper.

1.04 Ct. Red Diamond from South Africa

I have been on the lookout for a ~1 carat red diamond for some time. I usually only find larger red diamonds that would be too big for normal rings. I have a feeling it'll look really nice with yellow gold, a great contrast. 

The Sparkliest Rough Diamond I've Ever Seen (But Cursed)

This is a 1.00 ct. yellow diamond from Tanzania. It is so sparkly, even in incandescent light, that it is probably my best diamond for engagement jewelry. I'll be sure to save this one for a really important piece. The pictures don't really do it justice -- you need to see the flashes from this thing in motion!!

Unfortunately, this one might be cursed (just like the one I exchanged). Apparently, this diamond was once purchased by somebody else, and that person died. I will need to find a Romani fortune teller to help me figure out if the curse needs to be removed, before I'd feel comfortable selling it.

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