Thinking about a Divorce Ring?

While divorce rates in the United States are, in fact, falling, 40% of marriages still end that way (the statistics for first-time marriages are actually a good deal better).

Just like marriage, divorces take a variety of courses. They can be extremely tumultuous battles for some couples, while for others, they can go over amicably and respectably. For some, they're times of mourning, while others may find them a welcome relief, a time for celebration.

Regardless, it can be an important life change that deserves commemoration. Designing and wearing a divorce ring is a growing in popularity for both women and men.

Because it is not as common, the practices for divorce jewelry are even more diverse than wedding jewelry. Divorce can be a period of rediscovered independence for many people, and if they choose to wear a divorce ring, it's an opportunity for a full expression of their individuality. I highly recommend custom commissions for this reason, to make sure that we can build something perfect for you and your unique situation.

There are plenty of choices for where to wear the ring. Some pithy divorcées choose to wear their divorce ring on their left middle finger, as a certain expletive statement to their former partner. Some choose to keep it on their left ring finger, especially when not wearing something there feels out-of-place and uncomfortable. Still, others choose to place them on their right hand and wear them sparingly as a conversation-sparking statement piece.

Materials take on a wide variety of forms as well. Gold and silver are common choices. Precious stones other than diamonds are fairly common, but rough diamonds can also be a great symbol of a rocky transition.

Common design themes involve split ring shanks, to symbolize the breaking off of the union. It is also common to leverage a rougher finish, rich with tool marks symbolizing the scars of the past. 

Some even choose to transform their existing wedding or engagement rings into a new design, for what can be a highly unique and interesting piece. I love a jewelry design challenge, so get in touch with me to discuss putting something totally unique together from your existing jewelry. 

Regardless of the norms, like marriage, the important thing is finding something that fits your personal and individual tastes. There aren't any rules, and it's a great opportunity to celebrate or mourn this major life change. Divorce rings aren't for everybody, but for plenty of people, they can be a welcome friend during a difficult transition. 

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