Hemicyl Ring Band, Macro (5.0mm)

by Rough Jewelry


Hemicyl is a line of classic ring bands, suitable for both casual wear and as a wedding band. They feature a half-round profile with a lightly chamfered inner edge for wearing comfort. The macro size measures approximately 5.0mm along the flat inner surface

These rings are made from wire that is hand-rolled in my studio and they are bent into shape by hand, then hammered on a ring mandrel to achieve ideal shape. 

They are finished with several rounds of sanding up to a medium-grit, and tripoli polished for a brilliant satin finish, with lightly visible tool marks.

As this is a handmade product, some variation is to be expected, though on this particular line, that variation is minimal. It is available in sterling silver, all 14k golds, and 18k yellow gold. Silver is pictured.

Rings are made to order, so please allow 1 week for fabrication.

Photo Credit: Fanyuan Qiu, Krystal Lim

Model Credit: Anna Flowers, Max McDonnell