Dragonglass I: 1.87 Ct. Conflict-Free Dark-Gray Zimbabwean Diamond Handmade Solitaire Ring, Prong-Set in Sterling Silver

by Rough Jewelry


Dragonglass I features a 1.87 carat dark-gray diamond found in Zimbabwe. This diamond exhibits incredibly fascinating and unique surface patterns. It appears almost completely opaque in dim light, but shines translucent brown up close in bright sunlight. The sharp edges and complex crystallizations reflect brilliantly, and this ring is sure to draw attention at any outdoor gala.

This diamond was sourced from my dealer as part of a family of similar dark octahedral diamonds from Zimbabwe, evoking an aesthetic of gothic architecture. I'm calling this family of gems Dragonglass, in homage to Game of Thrones.

This one-of-a-kind ring was fabricated completely by hand at my home studio in Brooklyn, New York. It's made from sterling silver and features a high-set prong made of thick-gauge hand-rolled wire to showcase this lovely stone as candidly as possible. The seat is raised above the ring shank to allow additional light in from below to highlight the translucent brown of the stone in sunlight. 

The finish is partially polished, leaving behind some organic tool marks for a unique texture.

The ring is sized to a US size 6, and can be resized up or down to US sizes 5-7 free of charge. I will follow up upon ordering personally to get sizing information. Expect a lead time of about a week for resizing if necessary.

As always, my gems are certified conflict-free and all metals are fairly reclaimed from existing jewelry by refiners. 

Photo credits: Fanyuan Qiu, Krystal Lim, Wei Lun Tay

Model credit: Courtney Johnson

Gem sourced (and photographed) by John Betts