Hammered Hoops (2")

by Rough Jewelry


To craft these hoops, I begin by drawing wire from precious metal, forming a small straight hoop, and then hand-hammering it alternatively on a bracelet mandril and an anvil to achieve the complex organic shape. In general, they go through three rounds of hammering and annealing to produce the end product, which is a lovely 2 inch hoop.

They're then finished with a file and medium-grit sandpaper to smooth out any rough or sharp edges, but tool marks are left behind to give them a coarse matte finish.

I make the fish hooks from 22 gauge wire, hand-formed from the same metal as the hoops. These hoops are available in sterling silver, 14k rose gold, 14k white gold, and 14k yellow gold (silver is pictured).

Every pair of earrings is made to order, and this piece in particular features a high degree of variability by intention. You can rest easy that nobody will have exactly the same earrings as you, as I do not make these earrings from casts.

Photo Credit: Fanyuan Qiu, Krystal Lim

Model Credit: Fanyuan Qiu